Sokszor esik szó arról, hogy “túlterheltek” a kollégák és még 1-3 embernek is jutna elég munka. Valóban a plusz erőforrás felvétele a megoldás? Szerintünk inkább a hatékonyság növelése. 
A témát a Harvard Business Review is boncolgatja.
Érdemes elolvasni:

“Project overload is real. But as a leader, how do you know whether your team is really needs more resources, or whether they could be working more efficiently? First, ask people to identify their key activities and how much time they spend on them in a typical week. Then see if you can eliminate work — what are people spending time on that’s not required? After deciding which tasks you can simply stop doing, look for other ways to reduce workload by doing the work differently. And last but not least, look for tasks that can simply be done more quickly. If your team is still struggling after these steps, it might be time to just hire more people.”

A teljes cikk a gombra kattintva elérhető:

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